Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big sales for Nov and Dec!

J Uniqueness weekly special will stop for 2 whole months... don't worry, it doesn't mean that there's not sales going on. I've just uploaded 4 of the items for the great sales for the whole on November and December! There are 2 from the Korea section and another 2 from the other countries! One of the dress D1-003 is specially picked for this sales! The cold weather is here so those of you who are living in countries with 4 seasons, this is the time for you to grab it. For those under the hot sun, I've chose 3 others just for you! Note that D1-003 is knitted, therefore it's a little too thick for the sunny days, but if you are planning on a vacation to somewhere cold or living there, its just nice for you! Don't forget to check out the accessories page too on this blog!

Check out these great deals at! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

23-24 Oct Weekend Special

This weekend, CD1-002 will be on sales!

Usually prices at S$25, this weekend it will be going at S$23 including postage! I have never put this on sales before, this is your time to grab it! Ideal for casual wear, looks exactly as it is on the right side of the picture. Contact me if you are interested in it, happy shopping!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CB2-005 for 16&17 Oct Weekend Special!

I don't usually put up the weekend special so early, normally I will post it on thursday or friday. But this time round, I will not be updating the blog on this coming thursday and maybe friday too so, I have to post it up early so that I don't miss the weekend again. So you lucky people, will have more time to consider about it before this weekend (16&17 Oct)! Here's CB2-005:

This blouse is totally white, so when you wear it, you will just have to be careful while having your meals. Its made of cotton so the feel is very much like wearing a t-shirt, and of course stretchable. Normally I sell it at S$25 which is quite a low price already, so for this weekend special the price is extremly low at S$23 and you can be sure that it's not going to drop any lower that's why postage is not included. So grab it while you can and while the price is that low! Happy Shopping!

Friday, October 8, 2010

CD2-007 for this weekend!

For this coming weekend, 9-10 Oct 2010, CD2-007 will be on sales! It's going at S$22, mailed for transactions within Singapore and overseas transaction will not have to pay the paypal fee!

CD2-007 is a gray dress, it looks formal enough for an office wear, so office ladies this is the time for you to pick up a new dress for work! However, this dress can also be worn as a casual wear. No worries, its not that formal that you will look out of place on the road. It's made of cotton, so office ladies, if your office is strict on attire, do check and see if it's apprpriate enough for work. Here's a picture of it, for measurements, please click into J Uniqueness blogshop to view all the details.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, October 1, 2010

October's Highlight!

This month, the highlight is on B1-001/2. It's a blouse from Korea, I usually sell it at S$45 but for this month only, I've set the price soooo low that you won't believe it! It's only going at S$38! What's more? Normal postage is included for those living in Singapore but for all of you overseas friends, you will have to pay for postage however I will be paying for the paypal transaction fee! Here's a picture of it but do keep in mind accessories are not included!

It's only available in ivory colour, although I ordered for a pink one too but they made a mistake and gave me all the ivory colour instead... The blouse is very soft and smooth, unlike those business suit that are so stiff.
From the picture you can see that there's 2 ways in wearing it,
1) Is to unbutton the top 2 buttons and fold the openings down to become collars,
2) Another way is to button all the way up and make it look like chinese collar just that it's not high enough.
It can be worn as a formal blouse to work if you have a jacket ( the material is not that thick and I don't think you want to get frozen while working in the office...)
Office workers can wear it with a belt like what the model did, or if you are tall enough, you won't need any. For those who do not like belts, but not tall enough to wear it without one, no problem is too big to solve, just tug in the ends of the bluse into you pants/ skirt and you are ready to go!
That's all there is I have to say about this blouse ( ooo one more thing, make sure you watch your table manners while wearing it, you won't want to stain that pretty cloth with some gravy telling the whole world what you had for lunch!). Click into the blog shop and shop till you drop! Haha!

Weekend Special for 2-3 Oct!

CD2-005 is the chosen dress for this weekend! The usual price is at S$23, but this weekend it will only be going at S$20!!! This is the 1st time that I have chosen one from the latest collection to be put on sales!

Click into the blogshop ( the link is provided on the right side under the links column) to see the details and measurements. If you have any enquires, do leave a message on the tag board or sms me. The sales will start from 2 Oct 12am till 3 Oct 12 midnight. The time is according to those on the tag board. Don't forget to check out the other blouses and dresses too! Happy shopping!