Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day for September's Promotion on J2-001!

My dear friends, today is the last day for the monthly promotion of J2-001. From tomorrow, it will be another item up for grab, so if you are still hesitating whether to get it or not, don't wait any longer! The item for next month's promotion will not be revealed until tomorrow, so do make sure to visit tomorrow to check out it out! Plus tomorrow I will be revealing the garment for the weekend special for this coming weekend! Happy shopping!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Special Announcement for This Weekend Special!

This time's weekend special wil extended. I posted it on Sunday so because it's one day late, I've decided to extend the length of the sales. So it started on 26 Sept and will end on 29 Sept 2010. Do take note that the price for this time's sales does not include postage. So read carefully everything I have written there before buying. That's all for now, happy shopping my friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Special for 25 adn 26 sept!

The weekend special is here again! Like I promise after the flea market it will start again. I'm posting it early so that you have more time to think about it plus you can enquire about additional details before the weekend... So here's the chosen one for this weekend:


It's a white double layer dress,the outer layer is...lace? I don't really get what it is, but 1 thing I know for sure that is when you wear it, you wouldn't want to be near any hook or sharp things, it might just hook one of the thread and you can say good bye to that outer layer...

OOooo and the main thing: the usual price is S$23 but for this weekend it is only going at S$ 20 but you will have to pay for the postage cause the price is really very very low..... and it just can't cover your postage fee....

So for additional information, look at J Uniqueness blogshop, just go to the links at the right side and click it.... It's under the "Dresses" page tab.

Don't bother about the dates of the posts...

I feel that there is a need to tell you about this... it's just a small thing but in case you notice it, here's the explanation. If you have been looking at the updates or highlights on the very first page that you arrive at in J Uniqueness blog shop, you would have notice that the dates for those posts can date back to May. BUT... this doesn't mean that I don't update it at all!!! In fact I update it so regularly I can say that the contents in those posts change almost every week!

The explanation is this, I always edit the posts instead of posting new ones, so that means that the updates are new but the dates might never change because I don't like my posts to stack on top on one another and have redundant updates still occupying and cramping up the entire front page.

So just ignore those dates and read the contents! Happy Shopping!

The clothes are up!

Good News my dear friends, the new collection clothes are up! You can view them in the blog shop under the 'Blouses' and 'Dresses' pages! Another update, and that is on the accessories, I have put them up on a new page in this blog! Just click on Accessories under the pages column and you are ready for some Taiwan accessories spree! Just take note that postage is not included in all the prices. There are some other accessories, some from Taiwan some from ....I can't remember where, they will be posted in J Uniqueness livejournal community: . If you are interested, do e-mail me

Monday, September 20, 2010

New collection plus Accessories!

I will be adding the new collection ( from the flea market) in within this week, so do make sure you drop in and check out those new clothes regularly. I'm still editing those photos, so please visit again the next day or 2 days later if you can't see the changes to the blog...(I need to switch computer to edit those pictures.) If you are interested in dresses, good news for you, this new collection have more dresses than blouses. Actually there should be more blouses, but at the very last moment, they told me some the styles I chose are out of stock.... so in the end I have lesser styles for you to choose from.... but don't worry, next time I'll make sure to send my order faster! Haha

Ooo lets not forget about the accessories that I will be adding into this blog shop, actually these accessories are from Cakes For Joy. But no matter how you put it, cakes just doesn't click with accessories, so here it is, in J Uniqueness. As you know the pages tabs tend to slide around and I just don't know what to do about them so I'm still wandering if I should create a page specially dedicated for accessories and let the tab slide where ever they like, or just place them among the clothes.... though it might be a little messy... Ooo and did I mention that most of the accessories are from Taiwan? So do drop in regularly to check out these new items! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Updates on the Weekend Specials...

As some of you have notice, I haven been posting any clothes up for the Weekend Specials. As you know that J Uniqueness will be in the flea market this saturday, therefore the weekend specials will be postponed for the time being. After the flea market, I will reorganise all the clothes that are stil available in the blogshop then the Weekend Special will continue from there. So for the time being, look forward to joing us at the flea market, you will not believe just how low the prices are... even I can't believe it! Hahaha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What to expect at the flea market!

For this coming Mooncake Festival Flea Market, I have adjusted all the prices for the clothes from Korea. Which means, you can expect all the very very very.... low prices in the flea market. Those prices are so low that you might not even believe it, and that will just make your trip to the flea market all worth while. I have specially set these low prices just for you, my dear friends to shop till your heart content. But, I have to tell you these prices are only available for the flea market, you will never find those prices on the blogshop. So come down to the flea market and shop plus there will be new stocks coming in specially ordered for this flea market sale! So be the first to see those new stocks, and don't say I didn't tell you, the prices willbe very very very.... low!!! See you at the flea market, and ooh don't forget to say hi to me! Haha!

Monday, September 6, 2010

J Uniqueness going to Flea Market @ Sembawang!

Good News! I have just ordered another batch of new clothes for you to choose from! But this new batch will not be up on the blog so soon.... the priority goes to the customers in the flea market! Yes! J Uniqueness is going to a flea market, but it's not those in town or those usual flea market hotspots. Its a Mooncake festival flea market in Sembawang! Near my house, easier to carry those stocks down. If you are interested, do come down to Blk 588 Link House (Montreal Drive) on Saturday 18 Sept 2010 from 5pm. I will be at Stall No. 2. I will have all my stocks there, put not all of them are on display, some clothes will be kept away to prevent people from stretching it out of shape. But, don't worry if you don't see it on the rack doesn't mean its not there! I have it there, just trying to play safe, you can ask me and I will bring it out of the box for you. Do come down and join us, this is your chance to see the whole range of clothes from J Uniqueness + some 2nd hand clothes + accessories from Taiwan sold on Cakes For Joy!