Thursday, August 26, 2010

CB1-003 for this Weekend!

I have finally chose one of the apparel in J Uniqueness for the Weekend Special! It's item number CB1-003! Here's a picture of it:

This blouse is very elastic, so if you are within size XS-M, you can still fit in nicely. Maybe even a size L could fit in... it's still btter that you check the measurements under the picture in the blogshop so that you won't have to end up squeezing into it.

The whole blouse is made of lace but of course there's another layer of cloth sewn inside so that it's not that transparent. Looks neat on it's own but would look great with a simple necklace too. Don't try anything messy or it will look too complicated.

Tip: Never wear any accessories with sharp edging when you wear this blouse or it might hook onto the laces, and you might end up ruining the blouse.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Special!

Weekend Special is something I have thought of recently. The monthly promotions last for a whole month and I am getting bored just by waiting for the month end to introduce another item for promotion. So I thought of something more engaging, and that is the Weekend Special!

I have been changing the layout for J Uniqueness, from background colour all the way to where the pages tabs are. I certainly hope this new look of J Uniqueness is more user friendly and you could find what you are looking for more easily.

Alright now the weekend special. To put it simply, it's a slash in price of the garment that I have chosen for the weekend. That particular garment will be randomly picked from any of the 4 categories in J Uniqueness. The condition for this discount is that you will have to order and pay within the weekend. Its a first come first serve basis, and no negotiation for further discount is allowed. I will post the picture of the garment that will be on Weekend Special around thursday/ friday, so remember to check it out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Jessica and J Uniqueness is my blog shop. This blog is set up to let me tell you more about the clothes and other issues that you might be interested in regarding J Uniqueness. J Uniqueness is purely a blog shop with pictures and essential information you need to know for your purchase. Here in this blog, it will include some of my opinion on some of the clothes in my blog shop therefore it will be more informal.

Now let me touch on some things that you people would be interested in or rather would question me about.

*If you just want to get a summary of all this, just read point 6 below will do.

1) Why is the blog shop so plain as compared to this blog?
2) Why are the clothes from Korea so expensive?
3) How accurate are the measurements?
4) Why is it that only clothes from Korea are the only ones categorised and not the rest?
5) Why you can trust me to send your orders to you after you pay.
6) General issues that I just have to tell you!

Sorry if you don't like long post, but I just have to explain all these and I tend to write long sentences without any commas, I will try to remember my commas as best as I can...

Here's the answers to all the questions stated above:

1) Let me tell you some experience I had with some websites/blogs, some of them are so messy till the point that I don't know where is the button I have to press to proceed and some even have so many things flashing around and make me so dizzy... That is why I promise myself that I will have a blog shop that look simple and neat but pleasing so that my dear friends can see those links clearly and know what they are clicking. I know the blog shop looks plain, I am still thinking what I can do about it, but I have to stress that that blog is just to tell you the essential stuff if you want something that look more interactive and interesting then please stay on this blog. Whatever I limit myself not to add in the blog shop I will put it here...which means all of my thoughts...

2) As you know I am in Singapore and the clothes have to be flown in from other countries, that means the cost itself is already quite costly. The clothes imported from Korea are clothes from the manufacturer themself, you would ask me isn't it cheaper that way, I have to tell you I'm very surprised myself that it's not true (for my case...). They have a margin that my price cannot be set below it, but I try to set my price very near the margin so it will not be too expensive but I can still earn a little myself. But I will be frank with you that the quality is really good, even I bought some for myself when I ordered the 2nd batch of clothes.

3) The measurements for the clothes are quite accurate, I re-measure all the garments when they arrive and change the measurements on the diagram if there is a big difference. Those clothes imported from other country does not supply a diagram so I wrote it below each picture. If you want really accutrate measurements (can't accept a few cm difference) for any of the clothes, don't hesitate to contact me, I will very gladly take them out to re-measure it for you. I know that sometimes a few cm matters alot especially clothes, nobody want to end up squeezing into the clothes they bought.

4) As I said the clothes from Korea are bought from the manufacturer themselves, the others that are not categorised because I bought them from a wholesaler. Although the wholesaler is located in another country and delivery is also quite costly, the price of each piece of apparel is cheaper therefore the prices are alot cheaper. The clothes from this wholesaler come from many different countries. Most of the clothes do not have a label on it, but don't be surprise that there are also clothes from Korea among them. But the category for clothes imported from Korea is dedicated specially for clothes from that particular manufacter so I didn't put them together.

5) As you know I set up J Uniqueness to sell clothes, so if I don't send the clothes to you, it will spoil my reputation. And of course I want you back again! Why would I do something to chase all of you off? So please do rest assure that I will send your goods to you, I belive customer service is very important so I try to answer all the enquires as best as I can.

6) Please know that I chose the clothes from a wide range of clothes that I think you like. so if you have any suggestion please don't hesitate to tell me. The styles I go for are normally simple but with a twist so that it doesn't get outdated and you don't have to keep spending money to keep up with fashion. Truely speaking if you follow the fashion trend closely, almost every week or month you will have to buy new clothes. I do follow fashion trends and like to find things that are more affordable therefore I have the range of clothes imported from other countries. The clothes from Korea are more simple and unique in the sense that most of them are in a single color but come in unique styles.
Although the clothes are all free size, some of them are suitable for L-XL sizes too. I will have to say most of the clothes are for people of M size, but do make sure to look at the measurements before purchase.

I will end this post here, this is the longest post I have ever written, hope you didn't doze off while reading! Happy shopping! J Uniqueness: