Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CB2-005 for 16&17 Oct Weekend Special!

I don't usually put up the weekend special so early, normally I will post it on thursday or friday. But this time round, I will not be updating the blog on this coming thursday and maybe friday too so, I have to post it up early so that I don't miss the weekend again. So you lucky people, will have more time to consider about it before this weekend (16&17 Oct)! Here's CB2-005:

This blouse is totally white, so when you wear it, you will just have to be careful while having your meals. Its made of cotton so the feel is very much like wearing a t-shirt, and of course stretchable. Normally I sell it at S$25 which is quite a low price already, so for this weekend special the price is extremly low at S$23 and you can be sure that it's not going to drop any lower that's why postage is not included. So grab it while you can and while the price is that low! Happy Shopping!

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