Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Sales 2010!

Its been too long since I write a post for this blog!

This time it's the Winter Sales!!!! Aren't you excited about christmas follow by the New Year!!! This time for winter sales, I've decided to wrap your apparels with those pretty plastic transparent bags so that it looks like a gift! If you are giving that apparel away, you would save on wrapping! Plus... I have lots of christmas cards at home, so to reward all of you my dear friends, as long as you buy any piece of apparel, you get a free christmas card that you can send to your love ones or friends!!!

I don't have pictures of them, but they range from small squares to rectangles... ooo and most of them have adorable bears on them!!!!

If you have noticed, I've moved the accessories page into J Uniqueness!!!! And to top it off, I will be adding a list of apparels that I have sold so that you could decide if the styles in this shop suit your taste or not!!!

Start shopping for your christmas and new year clothes now!

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