Thursday, August 26, 2010

CB1-003 for this Weekend!

I have finally chose one of the apparel in J Uniqueness for the Weekend Special! It's item number CB1-003! Here's a picture of it:

This blouse is very elastic, so if you are within size XS-M, you can still fit in nicely. Maybe even a size L could fit in... it's still btter that you check the measurements under the picture in the blogshop so that you won't have to end up squeezing into it.

The whole blouse is made of lace but of course there's another layer of cloth sewn inside so that it's not that transparent. Looks neat on it's own but would look great with a simple necklace too. Don't try anything messy or it will look too complicated.

Tip: Never wear any accessories with sharp edging when you wear this blouse or it might hook onto the laces, and you might end up ruining the blouse.

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