Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Special!

Weekend Special is something I have thought of recently. The monthly promotions last for a whole month and I am getting bored just by waiting for the month end to introduce another item for promotion. So I thought of something more engaging, and that is the Weekend Special!

I have been changing the layout for J Uniqueness, from background colour all the way to where the pages tabs are. I certainly hope this new look of J Uniqueness is more user friendly and you could find what you are looking for more easily.

Alright now the weekend special. To put it simply, it's a slash in price of the garment that I have chosen for the weekend. That particular garment will be randomly picked from any of the 4 categories in J Uniqueness. The condition for this discount is that you will have to order and pay within the weekend. Its a first come first serve basis, and no negotiation for further discount is allowed. I will post the picture of the garment that will be on Weekend Special around thursday/ friday, so remember to check it out!

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