Monday, September 6, 2010

J Uniqueness going to Flea Market @ Sembawang!

Good News! I have just ordered another batch of new clothes for you to choose from! But this new batch will not be up on the blog so soon.... the priority goes to the customers in the flea market! Yes! J Uniqueness is going to a flea market, but it's not those in town or those usual flea market hotspots. Its a Mooncake festival flea market in Sembawang! Near my house, easier to carry those stocks down. If you are interested, do come down to Blk 588 Link House (Montreal Drive) on Saturday 18 Sept 2010 from 5pm. I will be at Stall No. 2. I will have all my stocks there, put not all of them are on display, some clothes will be kept away to prevent people from stretching it out of shape. But, don't worry if you don't see it on the rack doesn't mean its not there! I have it there, just trying to play safe, you can ask me and I will bring it out of the box for you. Do come down and join us, this is your chance to see the whole range of clothes from J Uniqueness + some 2nd hand clothes + accessories from Taiwan sold on Cakes For Joy!

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