Monday, September 20, 2010

New collection plus Accessories!

I will be adding the new collection ( from the flea market) in within this week, so do make sure you drop in and check out those new clothes regularly. I'm still editing those photos, so please visit again the next day or 2 days later if you can't see the changes to the blog...(I need to switch computer to edit those pictures.) If you are interested in dresses, good news for you, this new collection have more dresses than blouses. Actually there should be more blouses, but at the very last moment, they told me some the styles I chose are out of stock.... so in the end I have lesser styles for you to choose from.... but don't worry, next time I'll make sure to send my order faster! Haha

Ooo lets not forget about the accessories that I will be adding into this blog shop, actually these accessories are from Cakes For Joy. But no matter how you put it, cakes just doesn't click with accessories, so here it is, in J Uniqueness. As you know the pages tabs tend to slide around and I just don't know what to do about them so I'm still wandering if I should create a page specially dedicated for accessories and let the tab slide where ever they like, or just place them among the clothes.... though it might be a little messy... Ooo and did I mention that most of the accessories are from Taiwan? So do drop in regularly to check out these new items! Happy shopping!

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